We offer something for everyone, from old to young, the more adventurous

or just wishing for some peace and quiet, it's all to be had...


Fly-fishing for trout, bird-watching, hiking from short easy strolls to strenuous mountains, mountain biking,, 4x4 trails,

star-gazing, picnicking, swimming in the river, playing in the rock pools or getting acquaint with a variety of farm animals,

and our personal favourite....SITTING AROUND and taking it all in...




Wild rainbow trout abound in the Bell river, making it a fly fisherman's paradise. We have our own stretch of river which we exclusively make available to our guests.  The region also boasts a number of dams and more than 200km of rivers and crystal clear running water in which to cast your fly. Early mornings and late afternoons is the time to cast a line in a quiet pool.






During winter time we often have snow on the farm and we offer our guests the opportunity to spend some time in a winter wonderland of snow.  Kinmel Guest Farm is perfectly situated to stay over on your way, or use as a base for day visits to Tiffindell ski resort. Weather wise, days are fine and summer temperatures range between five and thirty degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures are severe and often reach well below zero. It is always advisable to bring warm clothes, a hat and a raincoat as the weather in the mountains can change rapidly and several "seasons" can be experienced in a single day.






Kinmel is a fully functional active farm where guests and especially children are invited to acquaint themselves with a variety of farm animals. Help feed the lambs or see the cows come in for milking.








Walking and exploring the farm and surrounding areas, offers guests the opportunity to find many interesting places. A number of different walking/hiking trails are available to enjoy. "From short rambles to overnight hikes, from leisurely valley walks to strenuous high-altitude treks – the allure of hiking in the Maloti Drakensberg Mountains lies in the soul-building scenery of towering peaks, deep valleys and clear streams; in strolling along peaceful grassy slopes, exploring narrow gorges and swimming in enticing mountain pools; in the desire to escape the noise of everyday life and to be immersed in a world of awe-inspiring natural beauty. " (From The Maloti Drakensberg Experience). Not so keen on walking up the mountain... take a breathtaking drive around one of the spectacular Mountain Passes.






Kinmel and surrounding areas offer exceptional Mountain Biking adventures! Beware, mountain biking in the Drakensberg is not for the faint-hearted! Extreme hills and unnerving slopes, combined with the best view in the house will keep you coming back for more. Kinmel offers many a tricky and enjoyable road for mountain biking and also play host to a section of one of the MTB courses offered in the annual Rhodes MTB Trail!






Flora abounds in the area.  The Drakensberg mountains harbour in excess of 3 000 species of flora (more than 10 percent of the plant diversity of southern Africa) of which are best viewed from December to February. The area is also home to more than 230 bird species.  Bird watching offer anything from majestic raptors to exquisite little thrushes!





4 X 4

The mountainous terrain offers the perfect backdrop for exciting 4 x 4-ing of all levels and grades. The area boasts with the Naude's Nek Pass, the highest mountain pass (gravel road) in South Africa. It is 2,500m on the edge of the escarpment and at a point 21 km from Rhodes is 2,740m above sea level. Kinmel offer high altitude, steep curves, muddy valleys, clear water streams, snow, and many other exciting obstacles to take on!





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