Hiking & Biking

Walking and exploring the farm and surrounding areas, offers guests the opportunity to find many interesting places. A number of different walking/hiking trails are available to enjoy. 

"From short rambles to overnight hikes, from leisurely valley walks to strenuous high-altitude treks – the allure of hiking in the Maloti Drakensberg Mountains lies in the soul-building scenery of towering peaks, deep valleys and clear streams; in strolling along peaceful grassy slopes, exploring narrow gorges and swimming in enticing mountain pools; in the desire to escape the noise of everyday life and to be immersed in a world of awe-inspiring natural beauty".

Hiking can be enjoyed all year round.  Choose times and routes which suit your own preferences and level of experience.  No matter what the season, always be prepared for sudden weather changes and sub-zero temperatures.  The Farm Kinmel and surrounding areas have been known to get snow any time of the year, including mid-summer.

The Drakensberg Mountains are home to a great wealth of plants and animals adapted to survive in often harsh conditions - rocky, with thin soil and extremes of temperature.  If plants or animals are harmed, or when conditions change because of our intervention, these species become vulnerable to extinction.  

How to enjoy the environment responsible:

- stay on the paths to avoid damaging plants and don't pick any flowers

- carry all litter out with you

- don't disfigure, touch or pour water on rock paintings

- don't write or carve graffiti of any kind anywhere

- observe any wild animals you find, but don't disturb them

- don't harm or kill any animals, including snakes (this is their home, not yours)

Although 'meeting' a snake out in the open is vary rear and snakebites rarely occur in the area, keep alert for snakes and take care to avoid them.  There are three extremely dangerous species in the region - the Puff Adder, Rinkhals and the Berg Adder.

Snakebite do's:

- remain as calm as possible

- reduce blood flow by applying a pressure bandage and immobilizing the limb

- get professional medical help as quickly as possible

Snakebite dont's:

- don't cut into the bite area

- don't try to suck the venom out

- anti-venom serum is not recommended


Kinmel and surrounding areas also offer exceptional Biking adventures! Beware, biking in the Drakensberg is not for the faint-hearted! Extreme hills and unnerving slopes, combined with the best view in the house will keep you coming back for more.