Mountain passes

KINMEL GUEST FARM is the perfect ground zero for getting ready to take on a variety of some of our countries most spectacular mountain passes.  


Kinmel is also situated at the foot of the famous Naude's Nek Mountain Pass. Which offers spectacular round about routes offering various rock art sites, dinosaur footprints, and some of the country's best fly-fishing streams.

- read more about Naude's Nek, one of the highest passes in South Africa!

Naudé's Nek lies in the southern end of the Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape, and connects the towns of Maclear and Rhodes.

- extract from the article 'Rhodes, Northern Ukhahlamba' on the SA-Venues website.


Kinmel is the perfecf stay over for day trips to Tiffindell ski resort!

- Tiffindell-Tenahead Traverse - Cyber Drive Mountain Passes SA


This gravel pass is one of the great gravel passes of the Eastern Cape and is held in awe by adventure travellers

- Lundin's Nek Pass - from Cyber Drive Mountain Passes SA.


The Bastervoetpad Pass is one of the most challenging true mountain passes in South Africa and it's rated high amongst the Top 8 high altitude passes of the Eastern Cape.


Take on the 20km from Kinmel towards Ben McDui, at 3001m the highest peak in the Eastern Cape, next to the Tiffindell ski resort where you will find unforgettable and exciting winter sport options.  Ben Mcdhui in South Africa is part of the Drakensberg range, a hikers’ and nature lovers' paradise in all seasons. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities like biking and fly fishing in summer, and being there in winter is all about snow, log fires and sublime seclusion...

- Ben MacDhui Pass - Cyber Drive Mountain Passes SA

Drive ten specific high altitude gravel passes within a time frame of seven days - take on the the BEN 10 ECO CHALLENGE

- Ben 10 Eco Challenge - from Cyber Drive Mountain Passes SA.