When the conditions are right, the Southern Drakensberg mountains are a fly-fisher's dream.  The clean, cold mounatin streams and dams ensure ideal conditions for yellowfish and trout.  The region still offers the possibility of undiscovered fishing sites, with fish that are exceptional in size and condition, and some of the country's best sight-fishing locations for Smallmouth and Largemouth Yellowfish as well as Rainbow Trout. 

The region also boasts a number of dams and more than 200km of rivers and crystal clear running water in which to cast your fly. Early mornings and late afternoons is the time to cast a line in a quiet pool.

The golden rule is: Find out who is in charge of the area where you want to fish, and get permission before you fish there! Kinmel have our own stretch of river which we exclusively make available to our guests. We ask that all fly-fishers practise sensitive, eco-friendly fishing.  This is a 'catch and release' area and all Trout or Yellowfish should be release immediately.  Keep to established tracks and trails where possible.  Carry out whatever you have brought in and any litter you may find, especially in the river.  

Summer, if the rivers are not flowing too strongly, is the best time for yellowfish.  While they prefer warm water, at the end of summer they swim upstream into the cooler mountain waters to spawn.  The best seoson for trout-fishing are spring and autumn.  Autumn is particularly productive, since the fish are pregnant and need food.  They therefore take the fly easily.  

Cath and release tips:

Return the fish to the river with as little trauma as possible.

- use barbless hooks

- Use a net, and take the fish off the hook under water

- don't touch the fish with dry hands

- hold the fish under its throat and tail - don't put your fingers into the gills

- don't keep the fish out of water longer than necessary (try holding your breath for as long as the fish is out of water)

- have your camera ready, and take your photo quickly

- return the fish to the water as gently as possible